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Tribute is a core snowboard, backcountry, skateboard, lifestyle apparel and accessories retailer located in the heart of Nelson, British Columbia.

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          • April 26, 2019 Bones V5's
            Bones V5's I wanted to see if the Bones STF V5 still had the superior grip and speed I found with their SPF wheels.
          • March 19, 2018 Herschel Retreat Backpack
            Herschel Retreat Backpack

            I have owned a lot of backpacks in my life. Being a student, I feel like I go through one every semester, as they deteriorate from my heavy textbooks, or they simply go out of style. However, I have had my Herschel Retreat Backpack for more than two years now. This bag can withstand whatever I throw into it and can endure any environment I find myself in. (Read More...)

          • October 13, 2017 Spark Arc Bindings
            Spark Arc Bindings

            Like any mammalian carnivore, the Arcs perform best in pairs, and it’s the understated, underfoot features that float them to the top of the backcountry food-chain. We’ve seen incisor heavy saber tooth tigers morph into lithe, lightweight cheetah style hybrids in just a matter of years; I remember the steel pins from the old Blaze models, the aluminum upgrade to the pin system, the dependence on external, brittle climbing wires, then the Magnetos, and the first iteration of the Arcs. (Read More...)

          • February 20, 2017 Fjallraven Keb Series Winter Jacket Review

            Jacket Review

            I was recently humiliated at a potluck where the host (who was a bit of a jerk) derided my mispronunciation of “Adidas.” Apparently I’ve been saying it incorrectly all along. 

            (Read More...)

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