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Spark Arc Bindings

Spark Ark Bindings

Like any mammalian carnivore, the Arcs perform best in pairs, and it’s the understated, underfoot features that float them to the top of the backcountry food-chain. We’ve seen incisor heavy saber tooth tigers morph into lithe, lightweight cheetah style hybrids in just a matter of years; I remember the steel pins from the old Blaze models, the aluminum upgrade to the pin system, the dependence on external, brittle climbing wires, then the Magnetos, and the first iteration of the Arcs. (Read More...)

Let's Talk About Camber

Regular Camber We get a lot of questions about camber in the shop. So for those of you who want to learn more about what camber is and how it effects the way that you ride, read on good people! Camber is essentially the natural shape (or flex) of the board at rest. Imagine looking at your snowboard perfectly from the side and seeing the way the edge of the board curves slightly from tip to tail. It’s from that view that you can tell the camber of a board. (Read More...)

Tyler's No-Nonsense Review of Jeremy Jones’ Signature 32 Boot

Jeremy Jones 32 Boot With boots I default to dumb stuff, clichéd stuff like “These boots are made for walking,” even though I’m almost certain the young folk have never heard of Nancy Sinatra, much less her chart-topping track circa 1966… Maybe they’ve heard the Operation Ivy cover, “One of These Days,” circa 1989..? (Read More...)

Our Top Backcountry Splitboarding Boot

The splitboard has changed the way that we roam - off the beaten track. This revolutionary shift in snowboarding has widened the range of accessible backcountry terrain, meaning that we spend more time riding knee-deep Kootenay powder and less time trudging through it. As splitboarding technology progresses, so does the efficiency...

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