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Herschel Retreat Backpack

Herschel Retreat Backpack
I have owned a lot of backpacks in my life. Being a student, I feel like I go through one every semester, as they deteriorate from my heavy textbooks, or they simply go out of style. However, I have had my Herschel Retreat Backpack for more than two years now. This bag can withstand whatever I throw into it and can endure any environment I find myself in. 
Primarily, I use my bag for school purposes. The padded laptop sleeve is essential, and makes life easier as you don’t need a case to protect it. This bag can expand, or shrink, depending on how loose or tight you pull on the drawstring closure, making it easy to stuff the bag with large textbooks, food containers, etc. 
I have also taken this bag with me while I travelled in Europe. With the trunk-like lid, I felt secure placing all of my important documents inside, as I knew it’d be impossible to be pick-pocketed. This backpack has been the most comfortable I’ve owned. The padded shoulder straps made carrying my camera and accessories effortless, as I walked the streets of London for days on end. 
The bag and I have weathered Vancouver’s rain downpours, England’s snow flurries, and California’s hot sun. This bag can survive all weather, and comes out without a blemish. This bag has not lost it’s colour, nor has it tolerated any scuffs or stains. 
I purchased this bag two years ago, when it’s popularity was in full swing. The Herschel bag has not gone out of style, and it is in fact the most popular bag I see around today. And for good reason.
Written / Photo: Hannah DeVries