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Our Favourite (stealthy) Thermal Wear.

The worst thing about the Ninja Suit, is that we didn’t figure out what an awesome team halloween costume it would have been until after Halloween. Rookie move, we know, but there’s always next year.

Other than that, we have no complaints on the Ninja front. When the snow flies we pretty much live in these suits. They keep you warm and dry from head-to-toe when you’re slashing pow and playing in the backcountry. Not to mention that they make for pretty stealthy lounge wear when you want to kick back at the end of the day.

Airblaster is known for coming up with some pretty rad patterns, so if your not into black - and space pants are more your thing - we’ve got you covered. These suits sell fast, but our friendly friends at Airblaster can almost always hook us up with special orders. So if you don’t see your pattern or size in the shop, be sure to ask us!

The Airblaster 2016/2017 Ninja Suit

Airblaster Ninja Suits

Why We Love It: The Ninja Suit completely covers you from head to toe, leaving only the essentials uncovered (face, hands and feet). This means that when you move - your thermal wear stays where it's supposed to. Freezing air won't creep up your back when you're doing up your bindings, and the back of your neck and head will stay warm inside your helmet. 

Remember "long johns" - those horrifying, bright red onesies with the bum flap? Well fear not, ladies, because Airblaster has revolutionized the one piece. These suits are designed with a comfortable waist zipper to make bathroom breaks stress-free (and warm).

Plus, they have thumb holes. Who doesn't love thumb holes?

The Deets:

Ninja Design: This is a mid-weight base layer, designed with front chest zip, waist zipper, thumb holes and a 7-panel hood. The ladies' suits have an added pony tail hole, while the guys' suits have a hole for.... other stuff.

Sizes: Airblaster designs Ninja Suits specifically for men, women and children. They have excellent sizing options and rad fabric patterns in each category.

Poly/Lycra Air Tech Fabric: Air Tech fabric is designed with 4-way stretch and air-wicking technology.

Woolverino Merino Alloy Fabric: Extra strength Tencel added to the Merino wool fabric increases life and improves rebound of fabric, prevents pilling, and dries faster. Plus, it has superior odor resistance.